Classic Glass Boats

This style of boat was the end of the Wooden Boat Era. Usually the boats had either wooden tops

and a fiberglass hull or the boats had wood trim bright work to accent the boat's interior.

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10072-C14 14' 1957 Slayton Northern Flyer
Engine: Mercury, 35hp.

A neat and rare classic glass.  Notice the great tail lights.

Classic Glass
Minnesota $4,700
10102-C14 14' 1958 BlueStar Miamian
Engine: Mercury, 35hp.

This 1958 14' fiberglass BlueStar Miamian with "fins" is fully restored and painted. It comes with it's original trailer.

Classic Glass
Ohio $7,500
10136-C15 15' 1958 Bell Boy Banshee
Engine: Johnson Super Sea Horse, 35hp.

Award-winning fully restored 1958 15' Bell Boy Banshee with a '58 Johnson Super Sea Horse.

Classic Glass
Washington $9,900
10123-C15 15' 1959 Herter's Flying Fish
Engine: Evinrude ETec, 60hp.

A fabulous 1959 15' Herter's Flying Fish!

Classic Glass
Ohio $9,999
10144 C15 15' 1959 Redfish
Engine: Johnson, 70hp.

A typical late 1950's finned boat. These boats are becominng very collectible.


Classic Glass
South Carolina $10,500
10007-C15 15' 1962 Glastron Fireflite
Engine: Mercury 650, 65hp.

This is a very sharp looking boat that was in water 2012.

Classic Glass
Michigan $5,995
15531 X16 16' 1965 Bender Jersey Sea Skiff
Engine: Chevrolet 350ci V8, 300hp.

Completely restored to perfect condition, alsway stored indoors, Sholi boat, has won many awards.

Classic Glass
Connecticut $29,500
10139-C16 16' 1972 Century Resorter
Engine: Chrysler 340ci V8, 250hp.

This boat is in magnificent original condition and was in the water and enjoyed summer 2014.

Classic Glass
California $9,900
10112-C16 16' 1976 Glastron Carlson CV-16 V8
Engine: Glastron Ford 302, 195hp.

Wicked cool 1976 16' Glastron Carlson CV-16 with a V8!


Classic Glass
Massachusetts $10,900
10037-C16 16.5' 1995 Four Winns (Donzi)
Engine: Ford 5.0L V8, 250hp.

A very sharp boat, made from the same mold as Donzi Sweet 16..

Classic Glass
Contemporary Classics
Ohio $13,900
10010-C17 17' 1956 Garform Utility
Engine: Chevy 350, 220hp.

Rare boat that was repainted and gone through in 2002.

Classic Glass
Mississippi $4,000
15519-X17 17' 1959 Velton Craft
Engine: Chrysler Hemi 354, 300hp.

A very hot boat that has a totally rebuilt engine with very few hours of operation.

Classic Glass
Ohio $17,000
10145-C17 17' 1962 AristoCraft Funliner
Engine: Mercury, 80hp.

Rare and classic AristoCraft!

Classic Glass
Florida $9,500
10077-C17 17' 1970 Formula Open Bow Runabout
Engine: Mercruiser I/O, 160hp.

A rare early fiberglass Formula that has been well cared for. Original upholstery documents the boats condition.

Classic Glass
Texas $14,900
10131-C18 18' 1960 Glasspar G3
Engine: Johnson Javelin, 35hp.

Museum quality, "mint condition" (both mechanically as well as finish) 1960 18' Glasspar G3!

Classic Glass
Virginia $15,999
10083-C18 18' 1970 Centurian
Engine: OMC HUFM 19E, 155hp.

What a rare opportunity to own a 1970 Centurian.

Classic Glass
Illinois $4,900
10053-C18 18' 1973 Century Resorter
Engine: Chrysler 318ci V8, 225hp.

A sweet boat that was in water and enjoyed summer 2014.

Classic Glass
Ski and Wakeboard
Michigan $12,900
10055-C18 18' 1974 Correct Craft Southwind
Engine: Chrysler 340ci, 250hp.

A very clean boat that will be an excellent ski/family boat.

Classic Glass
Ski and Wakeboard
Ohio $8,900
10141 C18 18' 1975 American Ski Boat
Engine: , hp.
Classic Glass
Oregon $13,300
10087-C18 18.5' 1979 Sea Ray
Engine: GM 350, 200hp.

This is a nice boat that was last in the water and enjoyed Summer 2012.

Classic Glass
Ohio $12,900
10170-O19 19' 1957 The Anchorage (Dyer) Glamour Girl
Engine: Honda, 50hp.

Unique 1957 19.5' Anchorage Glamour Girl in excellent condition!


Classic Glass
Florida $17,500
10140-C19 19' 1967 Century Arabian
Engine: Ford Interceptor, 285hp.

Amazingly beautiful Arabian! One of only 29 produced in 1967 & 1968!

Classic Glass
California $29,900
10143 C19 19' 1968 Century Arabian
Engine: Ford Interceptor, 285hp.

This is a very desirable fiberglass Arabian with the Vee drive

Classic Glass
North Carolina $16,500
10093-C19 19' 1972 Riva Rudy
Engine: Yanmar, 230hp.

A simply stunning, completely renovated 1972 19' Riva Rudy!

Classic Glass
Florida $74,900
10021-C20 19.5' 1957 Dan Arena Barracuda Sportster
Engine: 413 Chrysler, 300hp.

Early fiberglass speedboat with a peppy 413 motor.

Classic Glass
Michigan $14,900
10129-C20 20' 1980 Riva Rudy Super
Engine: Crusader 210, 210hp.

1980 20' Riva Rudy Super

Boat previously owned by Bernie Little of Miss Budweiser fame!!

Classic Glass
New Hampshire $69,900
10067-C20 20' 1982 Correct Craft
Engine: Ford V8, 250hp.

A nice ski boat that is increasing in value.

Classic Glass
Ski and Wakeboard
Pennsylvania $8,500
10085-C20 20' 1989 Supra SunSport
Engine: PCM 351, 290hp.

Don't want spend 60k for a new towboat? This is a water-tested boat ready to be used.

Classic Glass
Showroom $11,900
10097-C20 20' 2005 Ventnor Vagabond
Engine: PCM 6.0, 370hp.

Simply stunning 2005 Ventnor Vagabond 20' Runabout

Classic Glass
Texas $74,900
101397 C21 21' 1968 Chris Craft Corsair
Engine: Chris Craft 283ci, 185hp.

A beautiful boat that rides good and dry.

Classic Glass
Florida $9,800
10144-C22 22' 1985 Century Coronado Cardel
Engine: Mercruiser, 260hp.

This is a first rate boat that has been very well cared for.  Note this is the V drive model.

Classic Glass
Indiana $25,900
10114-C23 23' 1971 Chris Craft Lancer
Engine: Chevy 307, 200hp.

A 1971 23' Chris Craft Lancer

Classic Glass
Ohio $10,900
10031-C23 23' 1973 Chris Craft Lancer
Engine: 454ci V8, 330hp.

This is a very unique boat.  This is a Chris Craft Lancer hull that has been cut down and a mahogany double cockpit deck installed.

Classic Glass
Michigan $89,900
15501-X23 23' 2005 Adams Custom Racer
Engine: Chrysler 426ci Wedge Head, 325hp.

WOW!! Spectacular boat that runs as good as it looks.

Classic Glass
Contemporary Classics
Michigan $89,900
13001-L24 24' 1989 Lyman
Engine: Crusader 305 V-8, hp.

The owner states this boat is a show winner, a "10" in every category.

Classic Glass
New Jersey $25,000
13076-L26 26' 1976 Lyman Fisherman
Engine: Chrysler, hp.

Fantastic 1976 26' fiberglass Lyman Fisherman.

Classic Glass
Ohio $14,000
10105-C27 27' 1986 WellCraft Nova III
Engine: Mercruiser, 260hp.

1986 27' WellCraft Nova III with twin engines and High Performance Package!

Classic Glass
Showroom $18,900
10125-C32 32' 1998 Velocity 320
Engine: Twin Mercruiser 383 MAG, 350hp.

1998 32' Velcocity 320

Classic Glass
Ohio $81,000
14351-R42 42' 1987 Braginton 42 Cruiser
Engine: Twin Cat Diesels 3208, 375hp.

1987 Braginton 42.

If you are looking for a unique and distinctive yacht; a one of kind that will turn heads in every marina, then this is the one. It is a perfect combination of speed and elegance. (More pictures available to seriously interested parties.)

Classic Glass
Utility - 20 foot plus
Contemporary Classics
Kentucky $275,000