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SKU DescriptionCategoryLocationPrice
18000-Y13 13' 1913 Mullins 13 Special
Engine: Ferro Special, 3hp.

A very original pressed steel boat that was in water and enjoyed summer 2008.

Maine $11,950
18001-Y16 16' 1932 Syracuse Electric Launch
Engine: Electric, 2hp.

A very clean and easy boat to own.

New Jersey $21,900
18002-Y17 17' 1999 St Croix Whitetail 17
Engine: Electric, 2hp.

Electric Whitehall hand laid fiberglass hull 17' overall. Built in 1999, show model never used in water. Builder" St. Croix Boat. Two row stations. Engine controls at helm.

New Hampshire $15,000
14187-U18 18' Greavette Dispro
Engine: Coventry Victor 2 cyl, 7hp.

A fascinating small boat that draws attention wherever it is seen.

Utility - 16 to 19 foot
Florida $15,600
18016-Y21 21' 2005 Ozgen Moonday 21
Engine: Vetus 6D, 22hp.

owner says new boat with fiberglass hull. Very cute boat.

Contemporary Classics
Canada $69,900
18008-Y22 22' 1923 C.M. Lane Lifeboat
Engine: Oshkosh Super, 5hp.

A cute boat that needs some restoration.

Iowa $6,500
18009-Y22 22' 1940 Layton
Engine: Gray Marine Sea Scout, hp.

A very pretty launch at a reasonable price.

Ohio $20,000
18026-Y23 23' 2003 Anawa Harbor Launch
Engine: Honda, 9.9hp.

A very sharp launch designed by the Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co., Portland OR.  

Contemporary Classics
Ohio $34,900
15396-R24 24' 2011 Phoenix Boatbuilding Custom Runabout Cruiser
Engine: Mercury Horizon , 300hp.

A strikingly unique 2011 24' Custom Phoenix Boatbuilding Runabout-Weekend Cruiser.

Runabouts - 20 foot plus
Showroom $79,900
15002-P25 25' 1907 Fay & Bowen Torpedo Stern
Engine: Fay & Bowen, 80hp.

This is a rare boat that needs to be brought back. Boat has been in storage since 1976.

New Hampshire $52,000
14265-Y25 25' 1987 Amsterdam Boat Works Escapade
Engine: 2002 Volvo, 18hp.

This award-winning 1987 25' Amsterdam Boat Works Escapade Launch. The hull and superstructure was in 1987 by the Amsterdam Boat Works. Due to financial complications, the now-defunct company kept the boat in storage unti 2007 when it was purchased by the current owner.

Idaho $58,000
14019-Y26 26' 1905 Fay & Bowen Torpedo Stern
Engine: Kermath, 20hp.

Owner states, "boat has won awards for virtually every show she has attended since her restoration."

Other $195,000
14020-Y26 26' 1906 Chas. M. Wilbur Launch
Engine: Model T, 18hp.

A beautifull old "lady" that is ready to be enjoyed.

Michigan $27,900
18031-Y26 26' 1912 Fay Bowen Raised Deck Launch
Engine: Fay Bowen 4 cyl, 16hp.

Award-winning 1912 26' Fay Bowen Raised Deck Launch preserved in 2002 by Don Danenburg

Michigan $150,000
18012-Y26 26' 1923 Matheson Launch
Engine: Scripps 4 cylinder, 65hp.

Lake Tahoe boat for the last 30 years and numerous concours awards.

Nevada $89,500
18027-Y26 26' 1932 Richardson Launch/Tour Boat
Engine: Gray 6-50, 50hp.

This is a beautiful launch that has been totally professionally restored with appropriate documentation. Over 250 pics available!

New York $95,000
14022-U26 26' 1936 Custom
Engine: Chrysler 8 cylinder, 140hp.

This is a new boat that was built in 1939 and never put into the water until 2010.  Complete finishing done by Eversol Marine

Utility - 20 foot plus
Michigan $189,900
18028-Y28 28' 1905 NY Boat Works Launch
Engine: Red Wing, 8hp.

Exquisite and rare 1905 28' New York Boat Works launch.

Illinois $129,900
18025-Y33 33' 1951 JJ Taylor Open Launch
Engine: Chrysler, 440hp.

This is a very original 1951 33' JJ Taylor Open Launch that was formerly a Harbor Patrol boat! 

Minnesota $68,500