Lymans Boats

These boats continue to be very popular and exceedingly comfortable to use in rough water. We

are delighted to dedicate a page solely to these fine boats. Antique Boat Center has many Lymans to choose from, please contact us.


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13055-L15 15' 1953 Lyman
Engine: Evinrude Sportster, 25hp.

1953 15' Lyman Runabout with 3 motors! (Original, 25HP, 5.5HP kicker and 25HP Evinrude.)

Ohio $7,500
13045-L16 16' 1957 Lyman
Engine: Evinrude Lark, 30hp.

A very original boat that is ready to go.


Ohio $7,500
10368-L17 17' 1959 Lyman Runabout
Engine: Yamaha, 70hp.

Restoration in 2011 with photo documentation. New Yamaha 4-stroke 70hp engine

Florida $9,000
13063-L18 18' 1956 Lyman Islander
Engine: Chris Craft, hp.

1956 18.5' Lyman Islander

Vermont $12,500
13056-L18 18' 1958 Lyman Islander
Engine: Chris Craft B, 60hp.

1958 18' Lyman Islander with rebuilt Chris Craft B engine.

Michigan $15,000
13065-L20 20' 1937 Lyman Sportsman
Engine: Chrysler M2, 97hp.

1937 20' Lyman Sportsman

Showroom $34,900
13022-L21 21' 1941 Lyman Hardtop
Engine: Gray Marine 6cyl Flathead, 140hp.

Pre-war Lyman, very rare!

Ohio $19,900
13035-L22 22' 1947 Lyman Hardtop
Engine: Gray Marine 6cyl Flathead, 136hp.

Very uncommon boat!

Ohio $37,900
10369-L22 22' 1969 Lyman Sleeper
Engine: PCM, 275hp.
Beautiful Lyman with restoration in 2009
Florida $37,900
13001-L24 24' 1989 Lyman
Engine: Crusader 305 V-8, hp.

The owner states this boat is a show winner, a "10" in every category.

Classic Glass
New Jersey $25,000
13016-L25 25' 1963 Lyman Sleeper
Engine: Gray 327ci. V8, 188hp.

A sharp looking boat that has been detailed while in storage for past 14 years. SELLER IS OPEN TO OFFERS.

Showroom $21,900
13018-L25 25' 1963 Lyman Sleeper
Engine: Gray Marine Fireball, 188hp.

This boat has been serviced by the Ramsey Bros., Toledo, OH.  They are expert Lyman restorers.

Ohio $12,500
13027-L25 25' 1964 Lyman Sleeper
Engine: Gray, hp.

Great deal on a sound 1964 25' Lyman Hardtop Sleeper that just needs a some cosmetic refinishing to be spectacular!

Michigan $14,900
13003-L25 25' 1965 Lyman Sleeper
Engine: Chrysler 318ci V8, 220hp.

This boat house boat has been professionally maintained.

Ohio $18,500
13040-L25 25' 1966 Lyman Sleeper
Engine: Mercruiser 5.7 V8, 230hp.

Beautiful, updated Lyman sleeper.


Ohio $16,000
13061-L26 26' 1969 Lyman Cruisette
Engine: Chrysler, 225hp.

1969 26' Lyman Cruisette

Ohio $30,000
15358-L26 26' 1969 Lyman Cruisette Hardtop
Engine: Crusader Marine, 250hp.

1967 Lyman Cruisette Hardtop

Michigan $16,000
13041-L26 26' 1970 Lyman Cruisette
Engine: Crusader 270-V8, 350hp.

1970 26' Lyman Cruisette ready for the boating season!

Ohio $18,900
13023-L26 26' 1970 Lyman Offshore
Engine: Chrysler 318, 225hp.

Nice big clean boat that was just repainted and varnished.

Ohio $19,900
13076-L26 26' 1976 Lyman Fisherman
Engine: Chrysler, hp.

Fantastic 1976 26' fiberglass Lyman Fisherman.

Classic Glass
Ohio $14,000
13070-L29 29.5' 1967 Lyman Sportsman
Engine: Twin Chrysler 318, 210hp.

1967 29.5' Lyman Sportsman with the original rebuilt twin 318 Chryslers!

New Jersey $95,900
13066-L30 30' 1969 Lyman Express Cruiser
Engine: Chrysler Twins, 225hp.

1969 30' Lyman Express Cruiser! Numerous updates making this boat a MUST SEE!

Ohio $54,900