Outboard Boats

The outboard boat has the engine mounted on the stern hence the name "Outboard". They can have a

wide variety of power and deck layouts from runabouts to utility designs. Antique Boat Center

has many Outboards to choose from, please contact us.


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SKU DescriptionCategoryLocationPrice
10151-O12 12' 2012 Aristocraft Typhoon
Engine: , hp.

Complete finished hull add up to a 25hp engine.

Contemporary Classics
Georgia $12,500
10167-O13 13' Aristocraft
Engine: Mercury 400, 45hp.

A 1949 13' Aristocraft - Includes boat, 45HP Mercury outboard motor, Pacific trailer, boat cover, battery charger, mooring lines, touch up paint, restoration book and photo CD. PRICE REDUCED!

Wisconsin $7,500
10158-O14 14' 1940 Peterborough Zephyr
Engine: Mercury Mark 7, 7hp.

Rare Peterborough Zephyr!

Wisconsin $10,900
10098-O14 14' 1954 Chris Craft Kit
Engine: Evinrude , 20hp.

Boat was last in water in 1996.  Boat has always been stored inside.

Wyoming $2,000
10120-O14 14' 1955 Wagemaker Wolverine
Engine: Mercury 400E, 45hp.

Professionally installed fiberglass on the bottom makes this a tight, "no leak" bottom.

Michigan $5,900
10088-O14 14' 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo
Engine: Johnson Super Sea Horse, 35hp.

A very sharp boat ready to show or go.

Ohio $12,900
10114-O14 14' 1956 Dunphy Runabout
Engine: , hp.

A nice clean molded plywood boat that needs some TLC.

Wisconsin $4,500
10123-O14 14' 1956 Kelson Kraft
Engine: Johnson, 35hp.

A nice clean starter boat that was in water March 2007. PRICE REDUCED!

Nevada $2,000
10153-O14 14' 1957 Commodore Boat Works Commodore
Engine: Evinrude 48 Special, 50hp.

A rare boat that has a replacement bottom and was in the water and enjoyed 4/14.

North Carolina $7,500
10072-C14 14' 1957 Slayton Northern Flyer
Engine: Mercury, 35hp.

A neat and rare classic glass.  Notice the great tail lights.

Classic Glass
Minnesota $4,700
10145-O14 14' 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine
Engine: Evinrude Lark IV, 40hp.

This is a very good looking boat that was in the water fall 2011.

Texas $6,000
10110-O14 14' 1957 Yellow Jacket 202R
Engine: Johnson, 35hp.

A beautiful well cared for original boat.

Wisconsin $4,999
10102-C14 14' 1958 BlueStar Miamian
Engine: Mercury, 35hp.

This 1958 14' fiberglass BlueStar Miamian with "fins" is fully restored and painted. It comes with it's original trailer.

Classic Glass
Ohio $7,500
10162-O15 15' 1954 Lake Field Outboard
Engine: Evinrude, 18hp.

A cute, fully restored cedar strip with fiberglass from the splash rail down.

Ohio $4,900
10148-O15 15' 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine Seafarer
Engine: Mercury, 40hp.

Early Mercury outboard rebuilt in 2005 according to seller.

Ohio $7,500
10136-C15 15' 1958 Bell Boy Banshee
Engine: Johnson Super Sea Horse, 35hp.

Award-winning fully restored 1958 15' Bell Boy Banshee with a '58 Johnson Super Sea Horse.

Classic Glass
Washington $9,900
10109-O15 15' 1959 Peterbourgh 2112
Engine: Montgomer Ward Sea King, 35hp.

A very sharp looking cedar stripped boat that appears to be in excellent condition.

Indiana $9,900
10144 C15 15' 1959 Redfish
Engine: Johnson, 70hp.

A typical late 1950's finned boat. These boats are becominng very collectible.


Classic Glass
South Carolina $10,500
10101-O15 15' 1960 Custom
Engine: Evinrude, 75hp.

A very good looking custom made boat that was last in water and enjoyed Summer 2008.

Indiana $6,000
10172-O16 16' 1929 Hickman Sea Sled
Engine: Tohatsu, 25hp.

A beautiful boat with dark, rich Philippine mahogany!!

Washington $36,000
10166-O16 16' 1956 Thompson
Engine: Evinrude Lark, 35hp.

Lovely 1956 16' Thompson restored by Johnson Brothers in 2010. Period correct Evinrude 35HP motor that runs well. Trailer and new water line cover included.

Indiana $6,500
10142-O16 16' 1957 Cruisers Seafarer Sportster
Engine: Mercury 2003 EFI, 40hp.

Boat is for sale by original owner with all paper work from factory.  Spent 45 years in a warehouse and is in excellent original condition.

Kentucky $14,900
10173-O16 16' 1957 Slickcraft Outboard
Engine: Johnson Javelin, 35hp.

Classic wood boat ready to show or ride.  Available to view in our Florida showroom!  

Florida $6,500
10170 O16 16' 1959 Penn Yan Angler
Engine: Evinrude, 30hp.

A very good looking boat that has been owned by the same family for 20 years

Ohio $10,500
10126-O16 16' 1959 Thompson Sea Coaster
Engine: Evinrude 50573, 50hp.

This is a nice Thompson outboard. Hull, flooring and all wood in excellent shape.

Kentucky $7,995
10106-O16 16' 1960 Thompson Sea Coaster Deluxe
Engine: Johnson, 30hp.

This boat has been out of the water and stored inside since 1994.

Georgia $4,500
10091-O17 17' 1962 Carver Captain
Engine: , hp.

1962 17' Carver Captain (Without motor)

West Virginia $9,500
10115-O17 17' 1965 Thompson Outboard
Engine: Johnson, 35hp.

Seller rates this boat very highly, 9 out of 10.

Ohio $5,900
10113-O17 17' 1966 T&T Sea Queen
Engine: Mercury 1000, 100hp.

This boat has been refinished. Note the original upholstery.

Wisconsin $13,500
10140-O18 18' 1965 Thompson Sea Lancer
Engine: OMC, 120hp.

The owner states "good wood and vinyl". This is a great user boat needing some TLC.

Ohio $2,900
10138-O18 18' 2008 Custom outboard
Engine: Mercury, 115hp.

A very good looking new boat, built to last.

Tennessee $33,900
10170-O19 19' 1957 The Anchorage (Dyer) Glamour Girl
Engine: Honda, 50hp.

Unique 1957 19.5' Anchorage Glamour Girl in excellent condition!


Classic Glass
Florida $17,500
10136-O22 22' 2000 Freedom Boat Works
Engine: Mercury 4 stroke, 25hp.

A boat with an interesting design done by John Atkin.

Contemporary Classics
Wisconsin $47,500