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This style boat usually has a long front deck with the engine forward and seating all the way in

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SKU DescriptionCategoryLocationPrice
15529-X12 12' 1973 Desilva Raceboat
Engine: Konig Twin, 20hp.

1973 12' Desilva Raceboat with 20hp Konig motor.

Runabouts - 16 to 19 foot
California $8,500
15503-X13 13.5' 1929 Hooton Safety Plane
Engine: Johnson V45, 32hp.

Owner says fully restored old race boat with a documented race history.

New Jersey $8,500
15504-X14 14' 1962 Glasspar Hydoplane G3A2004
Engine: Mercury, 65hp.

Own a reminder of a "Batman movie"

Texas $4,500
15525-X16 16' 1960 Julian Jersey Speed Skiff
Engine: Chevrolet 327, 300hp.

16' 1960 Jersey Speed Skiff powered by a 327 Chevy.

Pennsylvania $14,900
15531 X16 16' 1965 Bender Jersey Sea Skiff
Engine: Chevrolet 350ci V8, 300hp.

Completely restored to perfect condition, alsway stored indoors, Sholi boat, has won many awards.

Classic Glass
Connecticut $29,500
15519-X17 17' 1959 Velton Craft
Engine: Chrysler Hemi 354, 300hp.

A very hot boat that has a totally rebuilt engine with very few hours of operation.

Classic Glass
Ohio $17,000
15516-X17 17' 1961 Peterson Boat Works
Engine: Chev. 350ci V8, 250hp.

This boat has been totally restored by the current owner.

Utility - 16 to 19 foot
New Jersey $26,500
15514-X18 18' 2008 John Miller Boats
Engine: Chrysler BB383, 325hp.

This boat was built by the owner who is a decendent of the family who built these boats back in the 1960's.

Runabouts - 16 to 19 foot
Contemporary Classics
California $49,900
15506-X20 20' 1978 Glastron Carlson
Engine: none, hp.

Interesting and rare prototype raceboat with lots of history.

Michigan $7,900
15524-X20 20' 2000 Morley Smith Gold Cup Racer
Engine: PCM 4.3L V-6, 200hp.

A great example of a replica 1913 Gold Cup Racer, this 2000 20.5' Morely Smith Racer is a 10 time award winner!

Ohio $24,900
15507-X20 20' 2005 Wm. Atkin 335 Raceboat
Engine: Jaquar V12, 275hp.

This boat has been a trophy winner as well as being a fun boat to use.

Major price reduction!!

Washington $24,900
15509-X22 22' 2004 Gentlemans Racer
Engine: GM 383ci V8, 375hp.

Seller states oak and mahogany framed 5200 bottom Blue printed and balanced engine.

Michigan $69,900
15501-X23 23' 2005 Adams Custom Racer
Engine: Chrysler 426ci Wedge Head, 325hp.

WOW!! Spectacular boat that runs as good as it looks.

Classic Glass
Contemporary Classics
Michigan $89,900
15511-X24 24' 1994 New Era Design Custom
Engine: twin V8's, 660hp.

This is a gorgeous, fast, custom built boat that draw attention.

Michigan $299,000
15513-X24 24' 2010 Custom
Engine: 454ci V8, 425hp.

This 7 Litre Grand National Hydroplane has exceeded the owners expectations. A true collectors race boat.

Contemporary Classics
Canada $39,000
15523-X26 26' 1989 Gold Cup Hackercraft Racer
Engine: Chevy 327, 210hp.

A unique Gold Cup Gentlemen's Racer that was in the water and enjoyed Summer 2012.

Contemporary Classics
Massachusetts $64,900
15238-R26 26' 1993 Van Dam Gentlemans Racer
Engine: Mercruiser 502ci, 450hp.


1993 26' Van Dam Gentleman's Racer

Runabouts - 20 foot plus
Contemporary Classics
Michigan $199,000
15528-X26 26' 2011 Reets Boatworks Gentlemans Racer
Engine: Mercruiser 350 Scorpion, 330hp.

"Retirement Plan is a 26' Gentlemans Racer built in 2011 by Reets Boatworks. The boat's lines loosely follow that of John Hacker's Miss APBA with a few improvements. The boat seats 6 people with a rumble seat in the bow. There is a modern Mercruiser Scorpion 330HP MPI motor with a velvet drive 71C transmission powering the boat. The bottom is entirely constructed using the WEST system. The bottom is triple planked while the sides and deck are double planked with Philippine mahogany.

The boat has been used exclusively by the owner of Reets Boatworks for boat show purposes. The motor is a 2013 Mercruiser with 8 hours. SELLER IS OPEN TO OFFERS

New York $79,500